Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Praha (Prague)

Day 1 - The story of Praha absolutely began at the train station. Brtt and I were looking.. How do I say this politely... Haggard. Hungover from our beer crawl, we were waddling with our backpacks to the train. Apparently we are sort of loud because a boy came up behind us and said "You guys speak English!" We discovered he was from Canada, friendship ensued, and he joined us sitting in a 6 person cab. His name was Bader. We shared Europe stories for a bit until a guy popped his head in the door and asked if he and his brother could join us in the cab. We welcomed them in, as we love good company. They both were from Canada too. Basically turned into a giant maple leaf party, EH? Haha basially the next 6 hours in the cab were utterly hilarious. We quickly all became very comfortable with one another, kicking up our feet, popping bottles of wine (with extensive assistance from both the conductor and the police, priceless), beer drinking, singing, crawling around and on top of the seats and sharing big group hugs. So logically, we exited the train together and went on a quest to find a place to get a drink. But first, we had to find all 3 of our hostels. We found Bader's hostel first and made a few new friends there. Then we headed over to the brothers' hostel. We quickly realized that our hostel was much farther (and not walking distance from theirs) so we just changed there and had a drink at their hostel, Clown & Bard (haha yes, it was sketchy). We eventually found our way to St. Christophers Mosaic House (by far, the fanciest and coolest hostel we stayed at). We ate some dinner there and then headed out on a quest to do something fun. We heard about some reggae party that was happening somewhere, but I started to lose my voice and developed this super weird cough so when we passed by a tea house/hookah place, I was thrilled. My body was not cooperating enough for much else. It was a very chill and relaxing night after a long day of shenanigans.

Day 2 - We chose this day to explore Prague. We ran into our friend Ward at St. Christophers' that we met canyoning in Interlaken and planned to meet up with in Prague. He was hanging out with his two hostel roomies soo the 5 of us went out and walked all over the city, through old town, to the palace and church, but we were in a bit of a hurry to meet up with our Canadian friends from the day before because we said we would meet them at 5 at Cafe Lourve for coffee and dessert. Somehow we made it, a bit late, but better late than never. We all decided that we should do this one bar crawl that we heard about so we met back up at 9:30 at the first bar and had a super fun nigt hopping around the city experiencing the wild night life of Praha.

Day 3 - Cough was probably at its worst, but I was powering through. We met up with two of our 26-dorm roomies, Anna and Mariah, and went with them across Charles Bridge and saw the church and the palace again, at a much more casual pace, this time. Just beautiful. The views of the city from the castle are extraordinary. They told us about some monestary close by that brewed great beer so we went there for a late lunch (Czech goulash) and a couple tasty brews. We were very tired at this point so Britt and I went on back to the hostel to sleep. The girls told us about this awesome restaurant called Stoletti (sp?) so Britt and I tried it out. It was incredible. Go there if you ever go to Prague. We headed back to the hostel where every person we encountered tried extremely hard to get us to go out and party for the night, but we promised ourselves to keep it relaxed that night. Not even kidding though... At least 10 people harrassed us and told us we were boring grandmas. But we ended up saying in and bonding with our new roomies for that night at the hostel bar. Two very smart guys. It was refreshing to have intelligent and stimulating conversations with them. It was a good choice to not go to the 5-story club...

7:20am train...

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