Saturday, June 18, 2011

Nice (Day 2)

I am about to attempt the impossible right now (aka blogging from the iPhone). It just takes way too much to find a free computer and I am already 3 countries behind. Alright well let's get to it then..

Nice (Day 2) - Jess, Britt, and I, being exhausted from our night out, slept in pretty late on our second day. Once we pulled ourselves and our things together, showered and primped, we headed out on an adventurous day gallivanting through the south of France. Our first destination was a gorgeous beach town called Antibes. We took a 25 minute train ride there and used our intuitive sense of direction and the handy dandy iPhone compass app and found our way to the beach. We walked up and down a cobblestone path that was elevated above the water. The weather was perfect and the bay was full of extravagant yachts and luxurious boats. In fact, on the walk through town, we passed dozens of yacht stores, which prompted the ongoing joke of "Hey guys, hold on a sec... I'm just going to go buy a yacht or two. Want one?" The prices of these things are beyond what you can imagine. It just goes to show how much money is surging through the south of France. Anyway, after a nice stroll up the coast we decided to walk back and perch ourselves on the beach that we first saw because it was closest to the station. And honestly, never have I ever seen such a gorgeous beach. This one in particular had sand instead of pebbles which made our naps that much more enjoyable. Also, we planned ahead this time and brought towels. After a few hours of sunbathing and sticking half of our shins in the cold water, as this was all we could bear (our attempts to heat up on the beah as preparation for submersion failed miserably), we packed up, bought some cold Coca Cola Lights and made our way back to the train station to hop on a 50 minute train ride to Monaco. Once we arrived, in our typical fashion of lacking pretty much any knowledge of the cities we visit, we chose a direction and just began to walk. We found a cute street with many cafes and restaurants and began our hunt for the best food price deal. Throughout our stay in France, we have done a great job of finding super markets where we buy groceries, usually consisting of some type of wine, bread, cheese, and meat, and occasionally fruit in order to cut down on our spending. In fact, the meals that held us over for the day were grocery store purchased. But we wanted dinner in Monacco. After examining te competing prices, we chose a place that served omelettes (after many meals consisting of bread, protein was at the top of our list) and crepes (our fave snack for our last day in France) all of which was reasonably priced. After eating, we walked around a bit more, window shopping, taking pics, and imagining our lives involving yacht parties. I failed to mention the eccentric, odd, middle-aged man that we met on the train from Antibes to Monaco. He made up crazy stories, what we interpreted as over-exaggerated truths about how he made millions flipping houses in the US, telling us how he now lives in a billon dollar villa for free and works on a boat and has a girlfriend who he fights with a lot. He told us that he lived in Hawaii, California, New York, and is now staying in the south of France. He was quite te character and was tough to get rid of, even while both Jess and Britt tried to send a message by taking out books to read. This did not deter him at all and I didn't have it in me to bring out the third book. Anyway, Monaco, beautiful. We finally got home and relaxed or a bit, showered and got ready for the "Rock Party" that was happening at the hostel bar that night, which really wasn't much different than the crowd/atmosphere from the night before. But regardless, we met more friends, drank cheap wine, and had a grand ole time together for our last nigt before we left early in the morning for Roma!

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