Wednesday, June 29, 2011

München (Munich)

Day 1 - A majority of our first day was spent on the train. Trains are always a needed break during a Eurotrip. You learn how to perfect the art of sleeping while sittig, overcoming obstacles like drooling, snoring, sleeping with your mouth gaping open, or leaning too close to your cab neighbor. It's quite the adventure. But I truly have come to love traveling via train. It's effortless, you can get some quality reading done, you don't have to go through security, you can bring your own food, charge your phone/camera with your personal outlet, and you have gorgeous views of the countryside. I am pro-train. Anyway so we arrive in München, gather our things and walk the short distance to our hostel, Wombats. not gonna lie, the street it was on was a bit questionable, however, the staff were wonderful and helpful, the rooms were nice and the beer hall was fun. We quickly got ready, while I checked foursquare for a good place to eat delicious German food. We settled on Andechser am Dom, which was close to the huge church in the city center. We ate bratwurst, mashed potatoes and sauerkraut and drank the local beer. Wonderful meal. We were freezing by the end of it so we ran home, changed and then asked where a good crepe place was. We got our Nutella and banana fix and then headed back again to figure out which beer garden we wanted to visit that night. Sadly it was Jess's last night with us. We were told that Augustiner Keller was a great beer garden, totally massive too, do we walked on over. We met some people randomly who were also staying at our hostel so we spent the rest of the nigt with them as we enjoyed our liters. It started to pour down rain so we moved underneathe a tented area and continued laughing, talking and sharing stories for a few more hours. It was a really nice night. Also, I must mention that when we got back Britt hopped into bed and was on the phone with her grandma... Meanwhile, Jess and I are sitting across from her bed dubbing over our own ridiculous version of the conversation between Britt and her grandma. This went on for 21 minutes (expensive call) bahahaha and not kidding, this was hands down probably the funniest part of the trip for me.

Day 2 - Jess had to leave really early so she woke us up to say bye. It was so sad to see her leave. :( She was an incredibly fun person to travel with and I'm so glad that she joined. So eventually Britt and I rolled ourselves out of bed, ate a little breakfast and headed to the lobby where they were meeting for the free walking tour. It was going to be raining all day but this was our last day in Munich and we wanted to make the best of it. Our tour guide was awesome. He taught us so much about the history of the city, what it means to be Bavarian, and the huge disparity between Munich and Berlin. We learned about the churches, the architecture in general, the symbols of the city, the effects of the war and so much more. We took a tour of Hofbrauhaus and stopped and ate bratwurst and beer lung at a small meat shop. Wonderful walking tour. I highly recommend doing these. It's not totally free because you're supposed to tip at the end, but it's worth it. We got back, did laundry (finally) and relaxed. We went to the hostel bar for happy hour when all of a sudden someone stood up and announced that te beer pub crawl was leaving in ten minutes. Britt and I looked at each other and basically ran upstairs to change and get ready to go on this impromptu crawl. It was a definite answer to our question moments before... "So what should we do tonight?" anyway, it was a ton of fun. Way too much beer was consumed, but it was gloriously German of us to complete. 3 1/2 liters later.... Plus a few hours and we were on our way to Prague.

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